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Paul Maynard MP 8

Posted on February 06, 2011 by Teresa Pearce

I was surprised to read Paul Maynard’s comments in The Times where he says he believes Labour MP’s ridiculed his disability.

First I would say that its possible for the House Authorities to review the footage of that evenings debate and to see if this happened. If it did then those responsible should be firmly held to account.

Second I remember the debate very well as my daughter had gone into labour that night with her first baby and I wanted to leave the Commons but the whips would not hear of it so I was in the Chamber listening to the debate on Child Trust Funds. In fact I spoke directly after Mr Maynard and I do remember it was highly charged as Mr Maynard began his speech with a personal comment about the previous speaker and then went on to be down right rude to a number of MPs.

So I think if he thought people were not being nice to him then he is probably right but was it because of his disability of because of his attitude? I would very much like to the Speaker to look at the footage and find out.

Please read the debate for yourself and see what you think. Paul begins to speak at  6.35 and continues until 6.54

Shhhh – we are protesting Comments Off on Shhhh – we are protesting

Posted on February 06, 2011 by Teresa Pearce


This is a blog by a friend about the peaceful sit in yesterday at New Cross Library.

A pretty normal commute 4

Posted on February 03, 2011 by Teresa Pearce

Tonight I left the office got tube to Embankment and I got to Charing Cross at about 18.35 hoping to go home. Yes I know…. Me and my crazy dreams eh?
On the board the 18.48 had delayed next to it so I went to the help desk to ask if there was “a problem” on my line.

 She looked at me as if suggesting “a problem” was akin to asking if there were any Martians about. The woman said “no” I pointed out the delayed train and she said no it was just that train. As another was due at 19.07 I thought I would wait.

I could have gone to London Bridge to get a train on Cannon Street line but I believed her. Yes I know how foolish that sounds now.

So I waited only to hear that the next train due on my line would now be fast to Dartford, therefore not stopping at my station. So then (20 mins) after arriving at Charing Cross I go to London Bridge. Trains all running late but board says Greenwich train due on platform 2 at 19.13 so we all troop to platform 2 and are surprised to see that there is a Greenwich train also due at 19.14 at platform 1 but not as surprised as all the people who were expecting the Hayes train on platform 1 next.
So the 19.13 train at platform 2 pulls in and it’s a short train so there is no way in a month of Sundays we are going to get on it but some poor souls try. I and many others think oh well there is another in 1 minute on platform 1, although I did wonder how they were going to run 2 trains within a minute of each other on the same line. But I digress.

So the jam packed train pulls out and I say to the man in the office, pointing at platform 1, is the Greenwich train next? He says oh no it’s just left. I point out that the board said another in a minute on platform 1 and he shrugged and says oh they are automated notices it’s wrong. Now the Hayes train pulls in but loads of the passengers for Hayes have left the platform, to go to see the indicator boards on the bridge, as they like everyone was expecting the next train to be Greenwich.

 Eventually at 19.20 a Greenwich train arrives and I eventually arrive home at 20.10. A mere 1 hour 40 minutes after starting my 15 mile journey home. Marvellous.

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