Labour MP for Erith & Thamesmead

Teresa Pearce MP

Why I am Standing 2

Posted on March 28, 2009 by admin
Ms Pearce, smiling.

Ms Pearce, smiling.

I did not join the party with my sights set on the House of Commons, I joined because I wanted to change society. Now after 25 years of campaigning and organising I want to take that fight to where the laws are made. If elected you can expect a non stop effort from me I would hit the ground running, the role of candidate is crucial and demands full commitment from the moment of selection. We win peoples hearts and minds with the work done now rather than a few weeks before election day. I am a skilled organiser and together we can deliver a strong effective campaign and at the same time re vitalise the local party. I am energetic, enthusiastic and hardworking. I can motivate people and keep a sense of fun whilst running a well planned campaign.
Labour needs to win the next general election in order to protect the NHS and safeguard its future. You can’t leave peoples lives to the rigours of the market. Regeneration of industry is vital, a strategy for growth is not enough, we must have a strategy for jobs.  Without retaining power we can not change the system. Our ideals are born out of faith and, more importantly, understanding, of the lives of working people. Without these twin roots, policies are just pieces of paper. Labour candidates must have faith, understanding, strong campaigning skills and a proven record of hard work. I believe I am such a person.

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