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Flexible working?

Posted on April 12, 2009 by Teresa Pearce

The loophole in legislation that allowed for tips to be included in the minimum wage rate is  now at last in the process of being closed ( the consultation is under review with BERR ). But in the hospitality industry there is another practice that needs looking at. That is the frequency in which waiting and bar staff are issued with a “zero hours” contracts. Employers say this gives flexibility which means insecurity! Staff on those contracts can work a 40 hour week but the following week a 5 or even a zero hour week. How can someone have any sort of financial security or stability with that sort of contract? Also how is someone expected to apply for a mortgage or anything which requires proof of earnings when your contract only guarantees “zero” hours?

This need legislating against urgently as the current legistation is not strong enough given the frequency with which ” zero hour ” contracts are issued by “flexible” employers.

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