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a very sad day..

Posted on April 18, 2009 by Teresa Pearce

I expected to be getting up today both nervous and excited. I did nt expect to be feeling deeply deeply sad.

Todays hustings meeting has been cancelled after it was found that the box containing the postal ballots had been interfered with.

The regional office have put out an official statement and I am not ,under the code of conduct ,allowed to comment on the process. I can however make a personal statement which is this.

After many months of hard work by myself and other members of the party it is a huge disappointment that we can not finalise the selection of our candidate today.

During the many weeks of activity and speculation in the media our members have been quietly getting on with what they do best, using their common sense and experience to distinguish the things that matter from the things that dont.

I had nothing to fear from the postal votes or from the hustings as I had done my work and counted my supporters and I believe that today would have given us the result to prove my projected figures right. I am sorry for myself, the members and the other candidates who have played by the rules that this affair is now far from over.

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  1. Olivia Dixon says:

    Teresa, this is absolutely monstrous and something one expects to happen in the sub continent and not in dear old London. Would you ask your secretary to ring me again so we can fix up a time for you and I to meet as we have not done so todate, which is, I am afraid entirely my fault. Kind regards, Olivia Dixon

  2. Ruth Clarke says:

    This is a sad day indeed. I suspect that what has happened reflects very badly on some “well connected” members of our party. However, it says absolutely nothing about the decent and fair minded members of Erith & Thamesmead CLP, who in the end I am sure will select the candidate who will do her best to stand up for them and for other local people.

  3. Sarah Virtue says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting the lengths some people will go to! Are they so short sighted that they do not realise the bad PR this will give our local hard working party and how this will affect next years election process? We support you Teresa.

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